"Michael is a very gifted musician and singer. His original material is inspiring and entertaining. Give this guy a listen.” 
- John Hartmann (manager Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, The Eagles...)

"This guy is fantastic... the best I've ever heard here." 
- Tom Jones (recording artist)

"His unbelievably adept guitar work ranging from subtly tasteful licks...to controlled mania in the scorching final songs ran the gamut through musical styles, all with equal expertise, passion and fervor." 
- Ashley Collins (Mace and Crown)

"Really enjoyed sitting there listening to your wonderful music. Felt like things were right with the world." 
- Debbie Ryder (The Blues Ryders)

"You are a jewel in this world. I am inspired.” 
- Elaine Dempsey (Big Wide Grin)

"Goodbye Louise" was worth the drive across the water, admission, rain and the cold. That is such a damn good song." 
- Don Womack

“Spent all day at work listening to your Crushed CD. SOUL FOOD. Thanks! “ 
– Jake Verspirelli

"Some people have talent. You have a gift." 
- Craig Zicafose

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